during the last 2 years i became a mother.

the natural evolution of my dancer body and soul towards a mother dancer choreographer new body .


the milk factory research started during a residency in Finland with a ten month old baby , and continued  thanks to  the machol shalem residency support in Israel. 


i was working alone  at the studio and found myself exploring my new mummy body.  pregnant again a milk factory once more.

- I found that the way I felt about my body had changed. The idea that my body was now the source of nourishment was interesting to me conceptually as well as physically - as a person who’s body is their main resource and tool I thought this was almost metaphorical. the work is a play on gestures and motions from the everyday life of motherhood.




 i was very happy and playful working in the studio discovering the new relation i have with my breast. 

this new experience had made me discover unknown layers of femininity on my body  soul and work.




   I would like to thank machol shalem ....

For their support which enabled me to develop this project. 

and the beautiful dancers that went deep in the process  with a lot of love 

thank you  

Tanz Performance Serie #24: Sofia Krantz
After Austria, Germany, Japan, Italy and France, we are deligthed to add Israel to the international line-up of our 24th edition!
The Jerusalem based choreographer SOFIA KRANTZ comes with a powerfully packed piece for and with five women. A popart- anti-drama for the modern day feminist of femininity. This piece is not for the individualist, it is a ballad of a collective identity ready to strategize, fight, laugh, sigh and sing for the post-post dramatic - still Untitled – hysteria of the versatile stage.
The work of Sofia as an independent choreographer focuses on the different psychological and mental aspects of her craft as well as on the relationships between spectator and spectacle. She conducts an ongoing dialogue with the cultural atmosphere and subjects that are current in the medium of dance. Her work is influenced by Pop Art, fashion, electro music, fine art and ballet. www.sofiakrantz.com
The European premiere of Untitled is, without a doubt, a special treat for the Berlin audience!
LUCKY TRIMMER Tanz Performance Serie #24, 25.03.2016 (20:00), 26.03.2016 (18:00 & 21:00), SOPHIENSAELE Berlin, Trailer: https://youtu.be/J2mTiAGACbI
Sofia Krantz is supported by the cultural department of the Israeli embassy in Berlin.
(c) Or Danon
working on a new piece premiere this octubre in suzzane dallal 
GVANIM festival  16-1710
a new piece for 5 women dancers 

suzanne dallal show WHITE PIECE trio full version 

OPEN A.I.R residency in pilsen and prague this last summer 


White piece | 30/11|19:00| karnaf jerusalem as part of the jerusalem international dance week
machol shalem 
For tickets - https://www.tixwise.co.il/he/30nov1900


It was a great collaboration with Adi Ulmansky singer!!
For the cool project based in jerusalem  From_jaffa-to_agripas 27.10 |from 21:00 

Pic by: Naama Noach 

Sofia is invited to perform her piece  Glitter next week in Prague, June 13th-16th.

Sofia is working on a new piece which will premier on June 25th-27th in Jerusalem.
Sofia is one of six choreographers who've been chosen to develop a new piece by the support of HAZIRA performance art centre.
Out body Out will premiere on June 25th-27th at the Leo Model hall, Jerusalem 



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